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Uppedicon 2024 Lucknow

Friday &Saturday –18th &19 Th October 2024 Upgraded Venue: Indira Gandhi Prathishthan, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow Register Now  
  • 09:30 - 18:30 (10/19/2024)
  • Indira Gandhi Prathishthan, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Dear All
Thank you for giving me the responsibility to serve Lucknow Academy of Pediatrics (LAP) as its President. On the lighter side being the President means that this is last year to serve while holding a post so I wish to make most of it. 🙂
As I take the charge I view my past of last 10 years or so when I first entered LAP and without doubt it has been a remarkable journey for me. LAP has given me recognition across India. Every LAP member has accepted me with open arm and minds. LAP has now grown to become a branch that is recognized as a major force in CIAP and it is only due to the sincere effort put in by the Entire LAP family.
Our motto for this year will be to keep academics at fore front and also promote our members as speakers and experts at various forums. We will not shy away from our social responsibility; we will reach to children in need and try our best for overall upliftment of children of all sections of society.

Please feel free contact me for any issues or suggestions

Dr Anurag Katiyar
President, Lucknow Academy of Pediatrics (2023)

Dear Esteemed Members,

It is with great humbleness and gratitude that I step into the shoes of the Secretary of our esteemed Lucknow Academy of Pediatrics. We are a diverse group of pediatricians dedicated to advancing healthcare, fostering collaboration, and sharing knowledge for the betterment of our field. We are enriched with the support and guidance of our able seniors and enthusiasm of young members.

As we embark on this journey together, I encourage each of you to actively engage in our community activities, participate in discussions, and contribute your expertise. Your unique perspectives and experiences will undoubtedly enrich our collective knowledge.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, webinars, and opportunities to connect with fellow members. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions. Together, let’s make our academy a hub of collaboration and excellence.

Best regards,
Dr Utkarsh Bansal
Lucknow Academy of Pediatrics

Dr Nirmala Joshi


Dr Shalini Bhasin

President Elect

Dr Anurag Katiyar

Immediate Past President

Dr Amit Kumar Rastogi

Vice President

Dr Utkarsh Bansal


Dr. Ashish Verma


Dr Ekansh Rathoria

Joint Secretary

Dr Shrish Bhatnagar

Web Manager LAP,CIAP EB Member

Dr Akhilesh Pandey

EB members

Dr Ayush Rastogi

EB Member

Dr Anita Singh

EB members

Dr G L Agrawal

EB members

Dr Ajay Srivastava

Nominated Members

Dr Sanjeev Kumar Verma

Nominated Member

Dr Nirupama Pandey Misra

Cultural & School Co-Ordinator

Dr Nyay Bhai Gupta


Dr. Salman khan

EB member

Dr. Nishant Verma

EB member

Dr Abhishek Bansal

Academic Coordinator

Dr Nitin Pandey

Sports Coordinator

Dr. Mirza Waqar Beg

Coordinator Media & Charity Wing

Dr Sanjay Kumar Sehta

Experts Coordinator

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