Author: Shrish Bhatnagar

Session on Nephrology CME

Nephrology CME at Hotel Silvette, LKO on May 6, 2018. Prof RN Srivastava, AIIMS, was the speaker. Prof MMA Faridi Chaired the session . Dr Wakhlu, renowned Pediatric Surgeon, Prof Ahuja, President LAP also there. Key Messages *Congenital Renal Anamolies* Renal anomalies are very common 15% Cause 40-50% of CKD in children Bud theory anamolies […]

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World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day A recent study stated that India has about ten percent of the global asthma burden. Burden of asthma in India is higher than that of HIV and Tuberculosis combined. In India, about 70 crore people use coal & kerosene stove to cook and the smoke generated by these is one of the […]

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CME on Growth Monitoring- By Dr Kochar

By DR. IPS KOCHHAR Pediatric endocrinologist APOLLO HOSPITAL VENUE- KALAM CENTRE KGMU ⌚TIMING- CME- 2:30-5:00 PM DATE – 22nd April SUNDAY Wonderful talk by Dr Kochar, His main emphasis was…   always evaluate when growth is <5cm in a year always calculate target height after taking wt and HT. also calculate range of target HT […]

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