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Condolence Message for Prof PK Misra Maam

Condolence Meet Dr P K Mishra ma’am

Condolence Meet Lucknow academy of pediatrics deeply mourns the sad demise of Dr P K Mishra ma’am, Former principal and dean of KGMC,former head of department of pediatrics on 18/02/2020. A condolence meet is being organized by LAP along with department of pediatrics KGMU,on  24/02/2020 , in the Conference Hall of department of pediatrics  on […]

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PGLJ 2019 December Vol 4

Welcome to the Fourth issue of PGLJ! Sections included are 1. Guidelines review of important topic like Hepatitis B and C in children, Nutrition in CLD and Autoimmune Pancreatitis 2. Social edge commentary on Liver Transplantation in India. 3. Invited Review article this time is to introduce our readers with Deep Learning and Block chain […]

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Meeting of AHA Lucknow

Meeting of AHA Lucknow organised at Chiranjeevi clinic of Dr Nirmala Joshi President AHA Lucknow.. with members of LAAG(Lucknow adolescent action group) 30.4.19 Agenda 1. Prepare action plan for the year. 2. To discuss barriers in Sex Education in School and how can we try and get it implemented. 3. Dr. Samya Sarfaraz from United […]

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