Conference on Probiotics & Constipation

  • 07/21/2018 - 10:00
  • Silvete
Speaker: Dr Pramod Jog (Past President IAP), Pune
Dr Sanjeev Verma ,KGMU, Lko
1. Influenza virus when have drifts, major changes in H and N antigens combinations, leads to resurgence of flu viruses.
2. Swine flu should be suspected if systemic symptoms are out of proportion Sudden onset high grade fever,  rhinorrhea, extreme myalgias are present. Children with asthma, other pulmonary conditions, persons with chronic illness, elderly, pregnant women are susceptible.
3. Oseltamivir neruronimidase inhibitor is drug of choice in prevention n treatment, it should be given.
4. For less than a year baby, dose is according to age, and after that weight band wise.
5. Quadrvalent vaccine is preferable over trivalent vaccine.
6. Prophylaxis and treatment should be offered to susceptible ones judiciously.
On Probiotics
1. In selecting probiotics strain specificity, and desired results should be kept in mind.
2. While using probiotics in AAD antibiotic asso diarrhea antibiotics resistance of prescribed probiotics should also be checked.
3. Combination prebiotic are acceptable if they have same mechanism of action and results.
4. LGG, sach. Bolourdi, l reuteri have strong recommendations in acute diarrhea by espghan n wgo, while prescription required dosage… CFU and duration should be kept in mind.
On constipation
1. Now a days constipation starts in young children n lack of toilet training at appropriate time is major issue.
2. Clues for Congenial conditions, spinal anomalies, ant placed anus, hirschprungs, hypothyroid, celiac should be checked.
3. PR is not required in a child with history of bleed n hard stools.
4. Disimpaction, maintainance laxatives, toilet training with proper atticate – posture n seating n atmosphere , high fibre diet, counseling of parents are required for treatment.


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