• 24th June - 08:30
  • Gemini Hotel

Speaker : Dr. Piyali Bhattacharya (Pediatrician SGPGI )

Chairpersons:  Dr. Shitanshu Srivastava
Dr. Sanjay Niranjan

Summary of The talk
1- Typhoid is a notifiable disease
2-MDR typhoid resistant to amoxycillin, chloramphenicol, co-trimoxazole

1 -Increasing incidence
2 -Cost of disease
3-Less immunogenic polysaccharide vaccine
4-Hyporesponsiveness due to repeated dosesbof polysaccharide vaccine
5-TCV single dose at 9-12 mths fby booster 2 yr
6-Polysaccharides vaccine at 2 yr and repeat every 3 yr
7-TCV shud b given 4 weeks apart from MMR
8-Ceftriaxone 60mg/kg day for 2 weeks
9-Cefixime(20mg/kg) is the drug of choice for opd
10-Azithromycin (15-20mg/kg) is 2nd line
11-Blood culture should be done

Inputs from Dr AC CHAWLA
Congratulations Piyali for presentation

Few points
1-Ofloxcin still has the best response
2-With cefixime no of relapses are more
3-Give ceftriaxone for 5 days followed by 7 days of cefixime
4-Must tell the parents that response in fever will come after 4-5 days of therapy although the toxicity n appetite will improve from day 3
5-Recurrent relapses r on the rise in   Bigger children in app 10-15%
6-Leucocytosis in few pts instead of leukopenia esp if lungs or abdominal invol is present n ceplalosprins works best here




  • Start Date:24th June
  • Start Time:08:30
  • End Time:10:30
  • Location:Gemini Hotel