Management of Short Stature

  • 08/04/2018 - 11:00
Speaker-Dr Anurag Bajpai

1.    When to investigate, growth  below 1 percentile, growth between 1 to 3 percentile but growth velocity below 4 centimeters per year, 3 -fall in percentile( Crossing two lines)
2.    Many patients need only height SMR and Bone age to reach diagnosis.
3.    Patient with growth hormone deficiency will have bone age and height affected severely.
4.    2 .5% children having short stature out of which 80% have physiological (constitutional )delay.
5.    No line of healing after 3 months of treatment is called refractory  Ricketts.
6.    Calcium is must around 1 to 1.5 gram during treatment of rickets with vitamin D.
7.    In growth hormone deficiency height gain expected after treatment is around 20 to 30 centimeter.
8.    Cost of growth hormone therapy is around 10,000 per month and minimum 2 years of treatment is required.
9.    Free T4 and TSH are investigation of choice for hypothyroidism.
10.  TSH more than 20  require treatment if less than 6 no treatment is required between 6 to 20 repeat and take expert opinion after two weeks.
11.  In sick newbie’s measure TSH on discharge.
12.  Prefer low dose vitamin D treatment for rickets stress therapy or weekly therapy only where compliance is the problem.
13.  No role of 25-hydroxy D in well asymptomatic children and also not much role in rickets or growing pain.



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