Oxygen Therapy in Children by Professor Shitanshu Srivastava

  • 07/09/2018 - 10:00
  • Lucknow
a.Oxygen therapy is commonest medical intervention in hospital practice with the intent of treating hypoxia/hypoxemia.
b.Tissue hypoxia is present when untreated hypoxemia leads very quickly to dysfunction of the organ systems and death , and hence requires early detection and treatment.
c.Hypoxaemia occurs frequently in diseases like upper airway obstruction, lower respiratory tract infection (severe pneumonia or bronchiolitis), asthma, severe sepsis, heart failure, carbon monoxide poisoning, RDS
d.Pulse oximetry gives non-invasive estimate of arterial oxygen saturation, indicate hypoxemia before it causes cyanosis and bradycardia, monitor trends in response to treatment but with limitations like motion artefacts, probe position, poor perfusion and can’t determine hyperoxia.
e.Oxygen is used liberally in ICU. Sources are oxygen cylinders (energy consuming,expensive, irregular supply), Oxygen concentrators ( safe, less expensive,continuous), central piped oxygen (high cost, safe, continuous).
f.Oxygen delivery system can be low flow delivery (nasal cannula,simple mask, face mask) or high flow system(Non-rebreathing mask, venture mask, high flow nasal cannula).
g.Nasal cannula and oxygen mask  are easy to use and well tolerated but inability to achieve high concentrations of inhaled O2 in patients with high minute ventilation. Mask with reserviour bags can deliver higher FiO2.
h.Venturi mask provides graded and controlled O2 concentration.
i.High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) is fixed performance oxygen delivery system, provides constant FiO2, provides positive airway pressure, prevents drying of airway epithelium, less trauma, reduces need for escalation of respiratory support, intubation rates.
j.Adverse Effects of Oxygen therapy includes CNS (headache), ENT (dry mucous membrane), Respiratory (airway obstruction) , GI (gastric distension).
k.Oxygen Toxicity can lead to severe metabolic acidosis, cellular damage, ROP in preterms etc. and hence require proper monitoring.


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