24*7 for 20 problems in 2020

Lap successfully conducted CIAP action plan on 1 & 2 August (24*7 for 20 problems in 2020)

On behalf of Lucknow academy of pediatrics we would like extend my sincere thanks to CIAP office bearer our Dynamic president Dr Jayant Bakul Parekh sir, Hon.Gen.secretary Dr Basav raj sir,president central Zone Dr Sudhakar sir for selecting us to host this virtual workshop.
I extend my sincere thanks to Dr V P Goswami sir our dynamic national coordinator IAP ACTION PLAN 2020, Dr B P karunakar sir joint national coordinator,Dr Rajesh chokhani sir national convener of this module , for developing amazing module which forced everyone to be alert in whole workshop.

My special thanks goes to our great faculties.Dr Bela verma, Dr Barkha Chawala, Dr Aditi Shah, Dr Amruta shirodker ma’am.
And at the last but not the least my sincere thanks to CIAP – EB from UP Dr Sanjay Niranjan sir, Dr Ajay Srivastava sir and Dr Vivek saxena sir for whose efforts LAP got opportunity to host this workshop.
I also thanks to Dr Sanjiv kumar sir UP-IAP PRESIDENT, and Dr Om shanker chaurasiya for their great motivation to conduct this workshop.

Thank you so much to all of you sir💐💐💐💐🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏