World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day

A recent study stated that India has about ten percent of the global asthma burden.
Burden of asthma in India is higher than that of HIV and Tuberculosis combined. In India, about 70 crore people use coal & kerosene stove to cook and the smoke generated by these is one of the leading causes of asthma & is rapidly spreading amongst children of young age told by Dr. J. V. Singh.

The 1st tuesday of May is celebrated as “World Asthma Day”.
Hind Institute Of Medical Sciences organized a CME on this occasion, to increase awareness about asthma, in public & to clear the false beliefs about the disease.

On this occasion, Dr. Utkarsh Bansal said that asthma is an allergic disease, in which the airways constrict in response to allergens, which leads to difficulty in breathing, coughing, wheezing & tightness in chest. Allergens like dust, smoke, pollution, cigarette smoke, pollens, house dust mites and cold air can increase symptoms.
Dr. Rahul suggested for timely medication with inhalers & regular visit to the doctor. The asthmatic patient should always keep the inhaler with themself & the patients should be encouraged not to feel embarrassed using the inhaler in public. Inhaler should always be used with spacer and the child & parents should be guided & trained to use them properly.”

Dr. Ekansh said “There arr many misconceptions about inhaler therapy in society like they being costly, hard medicines and addictive. All are baseless, infact inhalers are safer, cheaper with least side effects. Hence, education and awareness is mandatory about the disease. Dr Nyay emphasised that the parents of the asthmatic child should make the child aware about his condition & should have the knowledge about acute asthma attacks, so that they can ask for help during emergency.”
Dr. Rekha Khare shared the importance of radiology in the diagnosis of asthma. Dr Pragati conducted a workshop on the method of using inhalers, performance of lung function tests and patient councelling.

The CME was attended by Dr R Ahuja, Dr A D Dwivedi, Dr Fatima , Dr Narendra , Dr GK Singh, Dr Ajay , Dr L D Mishra , Dr Aditya, Dr Amit, Dr Sunil, Dr Haseeb, Dr J Rai, Shivani , Sheivya ,  Shivangi, Seema , Shruti , Annupria , Saptak, Pranav, Sachin, Pratibha, Priyanka, Rupali & all medical students.